Graphic Design


City Roots Dental

City Roots Dental is a new Dentistry owned and operated by two young Dentist in Denver, CO. They are located in the trendy SloHi neighborhood by Sloans Lake. City Roots and BE worked together to create a unique name, logo and website for the practice. The logo represents the dental practice through the depiction of a toothbrush, and the tie to their city roots with the Denver skyline as the bristles.


Woody Dental

Woody Dental is a brand new practice based in Denver, CO owned and operated by Dr. Ryan Woody. Ryan and BE collaborated to generate a timeless and simple brand that spoke to the integrity, care, and drive Dr. Woody exemplifies. Together we tailored everything to fit with the materials and textures used in his office buildout.


PSLI, Inc.

PSLI is an interpreting company connecting the deaf and hard of hearing community with the hearing community. The PSLI team and BE worked together to create a logo that portrayed their purpose and resembled their team, after logo development the brand identity was integrated into a full website build that focuses on requesting services and informing consumers. 



Heli offers a wide range of solar solutions for off grid power. The Heli team and BE worked together to create packaging, sell sheets, brand assets and marketing content with a consistent identity and language. BE generated everything from die cut layouts for packaging to 3D models and animations of how the products function and transform. Working with the grassroots Heli team enabled BE to have an impact on each element of the brand as it developed. 


Pretty Gardens

Young owner, Kerri, was looking for a bright and energetic way to brand her start up gardening and landscaping business. We worked together to create a unique logo that was representative of the services offered and business name. After finalizing the logo we explored staff apparel and designed company shirts that were sure to be noticed.