Be. Flags

Be. Flags


Spread some good vibes with these hand made prayer flags.

Did you know that prayer flags are used to promote peace, compassion, strength, and wisdom. Blowing in the wind they spread good will in all directions, hung high to reach the furthest of places.

The Making of Be Flags: First I found a Eco-friendly fabric and string that won’t impact the environment. Next I cut the fabric into their appropriate size. Then I sew the flags onto the hemp twine. Lastly, I use the hand carved stamps to imprint each flag with a unique symbol.

These flags represent what BE is all about - presence, peace and the exploration of nature. Go outside, seek great heights and let your BE. Flags fly. Keep an eye out around Colorado trails and towns and you just might see some flying around - the BE form of street art/’tagging’

Materials: Burlap flags with Hemp twine

Size: One Size

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