Vanlife Customs

Vanlife customs: Born in a backyard, and based in Denver; they make your #vanlife a reality.

This mural was a blast to say the least. Vanlife Customs not only let me camp in their warehouse for two weekends while I was painting, but they were fantastic to collaborate with. It all started with a simple conversation, which quickly uncovered our alignment in values and passion. After a couple weekends of slinging paint an inspirational backdrop for their custom built camper vans to get photographed against was created. Check out Vanlife Customs - super awesome crew!

If you are interested in a mural for your business or home give me a shout at


This is the initial concept provided to Vanlife Customs for the mural. Creating a digital drawing enables us to make changes easily and overlay onto a photo of the space to get a ‘real feel’.


paint colors

It is not always a science but more of a feeling. Picking out paint colors is always an adventure.



Planning, sorting and organizing all the tools of the trade.


Laying everything out so I can roll in the big sections. Super fun to see the first paint on the wall.



Branding is always fun, detailed, and time consuming - Easy to get lost in the process.



Painting in the trees really makes it all come to life (punny).



More trees please! the beginning of the aspens. Carried over some of the greens from the Conifers.



Put the fire on the mountain side.


aspen lines

The abstract lines of the aspens make your eyes dance, similarly to how the leaves dance in the wind.


Conifer patterns

The deep and maze like bark of the conifer trees.


Stretch it out

Did you know that painting a mural is actually pretty darn physically demanding? I found myself laying on the concrete floor rather often.


art everywhere

The paint sticks were so beautiful.


Functional things

I always wear these overalls when I paint a mural. They have so many pockets, are durable and super cozy!


let the linework begin

Laying in the first lines is so exciting! Adds so much depth the each section.


more lines

Lines on lines on lines.


Getting there…

Linework is almost complete.


Final product

The finished mural! Felt so good to stand back and see hours of hard work come together. You can only paint so fast, murals are a journey that require patience and dedication. I love working on this scale, the finished piece immerses you, it feels like you are in it.